How to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

Loving being a part of the Feelgood team over at &Breathe Postnatal, I wrote a guide to self-care, for all the amazing parents on their retreats. Now here it is for you, complete with practical tips and free audios. Click each heading to find out why and how these things matter, and how you can get started right now. All you have to do is breathe.

B is for Breathe

Because your breath is with you all the time, and it’s there for so much more than just keeping you alive. Plus it gives you a reason to insert a mini pause into your day, which helps all the family wheels turn more smoothly. 

R is for Relate

Because relationships matter. Your relationships with your partner, children, parents, in laws, your mum friends and non-mum friends, your colleagues and community. And most importantly of all, the relationship you have with yourself.

E is for Empower

Because you matter as well as the kids, and because you’re doing an amazing job. Focus on self care, self love and self respect. And starting right now, believe in you.

A is for Awaken

Because when you can awaken your senses, you can start to experience the world in stunning sensory HD, reconnect with your instincts and inner wisdom, and bring your whole self back to life.

T is for Thank

Because gratitude is good for your mind, body and soul. It’s good for your health and your sleep, and it’s great for your relationships. Gratitude simply makes you happier.

H is for Harmonise

Because balance is the key to a contented and fulfilling family life. It’s essential for your happiness and wellbeing, and therefore essential for your children’s happiness and wellbeing. 

E is for Everyday

Because practise makes progress. Because every little helps, and it all adds up. And because your life is busy enough, without adding a list of new to-dos to your plate – so don’t wait for the perfect moment to relax or the ‘right’ time to connect with a loved one, because it will never arrive. The time is now.

&Breathe Postnatal run award-winning, sell-out retreats in France and across the UK, with a philosophy built around eating well, getting fit and feeling good. So that brilliant parents everywhere can #comeupforair