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When we work together, I will send you a mini questionnaire before our first session, to find out all the things you're loving at the moment, things you're not so much, and everything in between. You can let me know whatever you want to work on - and if you don't know, we can figure it out together. Coaching is all about empowering you to access your own inner wisdom and strength - helping you to realise that you can do this, just the way you are. You'll leave feeling lighter and more able to take on your world!

To book, ask a question, or just say hi, please get in touch.

Coaching packages


How you might feel now: You’re tackling a specific, niggling, short term issue and you’d love some help to navigate it. It might be a return-to-work issue, a bit of childcare logistics, or an upcoming family get together that's on your mind.

How you can expect to feel afterwards: You’ll get a fresh perspective on a specific issue or old nagging problem. I’ll help you to build some practical strategies towards a new happy calm, motivating you to take the next steps on your own.

What’s included for £95:

  • Online questionnaire 
  • 1 x 60 min in person coaching and session (can be split)
  • Email support and tailored resources over 1 month



How you might feel now: You’re so busy that there’s never any time to pause and consider your own needs and you’re feeling pretty drained. There’s a neverending to-do list and a constant barrage of chores, juggled with a demanding work schedule and little ones who challenge you on every level. You would really like to find a better balance.

How you can expect to feel afterwards: You’ll feel lighter, clearer, happier and calmer, with more time and space to consider your own needs and goals without feeling guilty. You’ll feel like you have choices again, more connected, valued and purposeful. The hard days will feel easier and the good days will be more fun.

What’s included for £255:

  • Online questionnaire 
  • 2 x 60min in person coaching sessions (can be split or stacked) 
  • 1 bespoke Mama’s Happy Place audio (can be converted to a further coaching session)
  • Email support and tailored resources over 1-2 months


New You

How you might feel now: You’re exhausted and overwhelmed. You’re not coping and you miss your old self. You desperately need some balance, some confidence and some perspective, but you don’t know where to start. You’ve forgotten how to have fun and it’s affecting all of your relationships. You feel alone and sometimes a bit scared by all the responsibility.

How you can expect to feel afterwards: I’ll help you to fall back in love with your life. We’ll find ways to prioritise your own energy and wellbeing and find some moments to enjoy just being you. You’ll feel more calm, more present and more at peace with family life, so that you can enjoy it more.

What’s included for £395:

  • Online questionnaire
  • 3 x 60min in person coaching sessions (can be split or stacked)
  • 2 bespoke Mama’s Happy Place audios (can be converted to 2 further coaching sessions)
  • Email support and tailored resources over 2-3 months
  • Discounted follow on meditation course

Booking terms

  • A follow up package is available for clients wishing to have top up support after any of the main packages. This costs £225 for 3 x 60mins coaching to be used within 3 months.
  • Additional hours outside of these packages are charged at £95 and this time can be used for in person coaching, Reiki, bespoke meditation, phone support or email support.
  • Additional bespoke audios cost £95 each
  • If you’re not sure which package to go for, I offer a free 15min phone consultation or intro email support to help you to feel clearer about your needs.
  • Payment is in advance by bank transfer, details on booking
  • Mama’s Happy Place gift vouchers are available for your friends and family


  • I see clients and runs classes at home in Grove Park, Chiswick (full address details on booking). Nearest transport is Gunnersbury / Chiswick Park (District line) or Chiswick (Mainline). There is free on-street parking available except between the hours of 10am-12pm Mon-Fri, when I can provide you with a permit for the duration of our session.
  • Phone and Skype appointments are available on request.

Client commitment

To get the most from our sessions, I ask all my clients to commit to supporting themselves with both a true desire to feel happier and a genuine belief that it’s possible. This includes finding time to honour your own daily needs, which I will help you to do.


Your privacy is entirely respected and protected. If I happen to know you personally before you come, I mark out a completely separate professional relationship and the two do not overlap. The only exception to this is if I feel you would benefit from extra support from another healthcare professional, in which case I’ll talk to you first about your options.


There is a 24-hour full-fee cancellation policy for all 1:1 sessions. Please give me as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or rearrange. I obviously understand that family life happens so will try to be as flexible as possible!

“What a fantastic session. I’m feeling so inspired by the wisdom in your work. Thank you. I can’t wait for more!”
— EG
“Going to see Olivia is like a breath of fresh air. I feel more able to cope with the everyday. I’m so glad I’ve found her.”
— WM
“Olivia has a real gift and passion for this work – she gives so much more than just her time and knowledge.”
— HM