"Things are really changing for me since seeing you - I feel like I'm living life more now. There's no way I'd be doing half the things with such calmness. You have literally changed my life!" (GW)

"I love your follow up emails. Not only is it clear that you've really been listening to what's actually going on for me and that you've totally understood and empathised, you then top that off with practical, helpful stuff. Stuff to do and read and implement so it feels like I've got some concrete support rather than just the smile and nod approach! Thank you so much." (FH)

“You have helped me kickstart a massive shift in my approach, both to myself and my mummying. Thank you. Truly. You’re like a tonic with no gin required!” (SM)

“What a fantastic session. I’m feeling so inspired by the wisdom in your work. Thank you. I can’t wait for more!” (EG)

“Going to see Olivia is like a breath of fresh air. She is filled with positivity and just really gets it. I now feel more able to cope with the everyday stresses. I’m so glad I’ve found her.” (WB)

“Olivia is a walking advert for the work she does.  She exudes energy, positivity and love. She uses her skills intelligently and sensitively and you always feel better afterwards.” (CL)

“Olivia has a real gift and passion for this work – she gives so much more than just her time and knowledge. I know that anyone who comes to her will benefit in many ways.” (HM)

“This is just a wonderful and winning formula” (SM)

“After the session, I felt calm and myself again… like meeting an old friend!  The mantras and goals we set during the session live in my bedside table and I read them whenever I need a little boost.” (CM)


Classes and Events

"I feel calm as soon as I step through the door! A perfect mix of exercises and discussion. You have a very calming aura Olivia and a brilliant way of explaining." (TB)

"I think it was the best decision ever to attend your course. Everything you say about relaxation and self care makes so much sense, and the breathing and other exercises are so helpful! I think you can make such a big difference to people’s lives..." (SB)

"Cosy, down to earth, informative and a great balance of practicals and theory." (SC)

"Very relaxing, I feel so at ease and not at all judged. I love the class and have seen a positive change in myself." (RS)

“Thank you so much for a glorious evening! So inspiring… wonderful wisdom and insight. I’m feeling very calm now.” (JM)

“Olivia is a true professional and has just taken happiness to a whole new level for us mamas.” (TM)

“I loved the meditation. It felt so luxurious to just sit and not have to think about all that noise in our lives. Just to sit and concentrate on me, my breathing and my body.” (AG)

“It was a rare and welcome chance to just be me” (WW)

“I look forward to the class all week, and I come away feeling so relaxed and energised.” (DJ)

“I loved everything about the event, it was so empowering. You’re doing a wonderful thing!” (SMI)

“The meditation was the best I've ever done. Olivia - your voice is transformative!” (LW)

“Feeling super-zen after the fabulous 'Kids, Chaos & Calm' workshop, AMAZING meditation and superfood treats. Thank you!” (DR)