For calm, confident kids

Relax Kids is a versatile 7-step programme designed to help boost kids' calm, confidence and concentration, and ease their stress, anger and anxiety. As your Relax Kids coach I can design a bespoke programme of movement, play, stretching, massage, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation exercises for you and your child, based on their age, needs, routines and interests. This will include tips and resources for before and after school, for calm bedtimes and restful sleep, and for coping with exams and times of change or stress.

Since launching the Relax Kids programme in 2001, Marneta Viegas and her team have trained nearly 3000 coaches across the world - all of us working in homes and schools in our local areas, with kids of all ages and families of all backgrounds. Our shared mission is to support every child towards becoming the best version of themselves.

We are raising the next generation in a noisy, busy and perma-switched-on world, full of constant, whirring thoughts and big, challenging feelings. Living like this can overwhelm both adults and kids, and puts a huge strain on our physical and emotional wellbeing. I want to empower parents to bring more calm into the everyday chaos of modern family life, with a host of quick and easy tools and techniques that can support the whole family.

A full 90min consultation, including online questionnaire and tailored resources for use at home, costs £145.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs, or book a consultation.

“This is just what I need right now, I can’t wait to start using the resources with my son.”
— TM
“This work is so useful and so needed. Thank you for making it accessible and relevant to all of us.”
— RE
“You have reminded me how important it is for me to stay calm, so that they can learn the same.”
— VB